Duck Island Raft Party 2022

We hope you all had a blast at the
2022 Duck Island Raft Party, we sure did!

More than 300 boats and 1,000 people attended the Duck Island Raft Party on August 6th, 2022 which included live music and giveaways.

Special thanks to: Kellogg Marine Supply, West Marine, Bill’s Seafood, Athletic Brewing Company, Mesco, Tiara, Suzuki, Captain Jack Sparrow and We 3 Trio for making this year’s event a success. Thank you to everyone who donated to Save the Sound!

As always thank you to the Westbrook, CT Police Department and Westbrook, CT Fire Department for helping out and for making sure everyone was safe during the event.

We donated $5,460 to
Save the Sound!

Thank you to all for your donations and support!

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Thank you for all your Donations to Save the Sound!

giveaways scaled
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Congratulations to the Recipients!
  • Atlantic Outboard Gift Card – Tawnya Ertel

  • Atlantic Outboard Apparel Gift Card – Jeff Dickey
  • Bill’s Seafood Gift Card – Ruth Wagner
  • Athletic Brewing Company  Backpack Cooler – Sue Grous-Threfall
  • Tiara Yachts Gift Tote – Kurt Uihlein
  • Kellogg Cleaning Kit – Andrew Scott
  • Sea Serpant – Nancy Cochrane
  • Igloo Cooler – Mark Guile
  • Mesco Bucket – Scott Hennessey
  • West Marine Cleaning Kit- Kurt Uihlein
  • Suzuki 2.5 HP Motor – Earle Smola

Save the Date

Join us at the next Duck Island Raft Party:
August 5, 2023

Raindate: Sunday, August 6, 2023

Photos from 2022 Duck Island Raft Party

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