How long have you been at AOB?
Full Time Since 2015 in the Sales Department

How long have you been a boater?
Since I was born

What’s your favorite boat that AOB sells? Why?
Pursuit DC326. Perfect size for Long Island Sound and it’s very versatile. You can fish on it, cruise on it, the possibilities are endless with this model.

What’s your favorite fish to catch?

What is your favorite boating destination? Why?
We’re so lucky to have Duck Island right here in Westbrook. It has a really protected anchorage and is a great spot to throw the anchor and hang out for the afternoon. Very underrated spot and should be a destination for all CT Boaters.

What is your favorite fishing memory?
We came in second place one year in J&B Tackle’s Run & Gun tournament.

Share a favorite boating tip or trick?
September is the greatest boating month in Connecticut…a lot of people think that when Labor Day comes, the season is over…not true in the least. The water is the warmest it is all year, the fishing is the best, September is the best month for boating, hands down.

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