Exclusive Tiara Yachts Dealer Portland Boat Works Acquired By Atlantic Outboard

Tiara welcomes the acquisition, allowing an expanded reach and presence in Connecticut

Holland, Mich. (May XX, 2022) Tiara Yachts, a family-owned manufacturer of American-made luxury watercrafts, is pleased to announce the acquisition of one of its exclusive dealerships, Portland Boat Works, to Atlantic Outboard. Owned and operated by the Cusson Family and located in Westbrook, Connecticut, Atlantic Outboard’s acquisition of Portland Boat Works provides Tiara Yachts with an expanded reach and presence in Connecticut.

“Tiara is very excited to work with the Cusson family and the new Portland Boat Works team,” said Josh Emmick, Business Development Manager for Tiara Yachts. “The Cussons have grown their Atlantic Outboard business tremendously over the years, and this is visible in their market share results as they are number one in retail units sold (30′-60′) in their market. They are on track for a 50 percent increase in Tiara sales in their market for the upcoming 2023 model year.”

Following the acquisition, Tiara can now be found at two dealerships and three marinas in Connecticut, including Atlantic Outboard and Westbrook Marine Center in Westbrook, Portland Boat Works dealership and marina in Portland, and Harbor One Marina in Connecticut River.

“We are thrilled to be working with Tiara Yachts and the Slikkers family,” said Evan Cusson, Sales Manager of Atlantic Outboard. “We have great things ahead for Portland Boat Works, including dealership events and growing Tiara’s presence in CT. The best part of this acquisition is that these two facilities will continue to be family-owned-and-operated businesses.”

Exciting things are already underway for the Atlantic Outboard team. They are expecting the delivery of a retail sold 48 LS on May 6 and a retail sold 49 Coupe in June, which will be their first inboard Tiara Yacht delivery. Continuing the momentum, Atlantic Outboard will be welcoming a stock 48 LS to its inventory in May.

With tremendous interest around the 48 LS already, Atlantic Outboard is planning a Demo and VIP event. The dealership also hosts nearly a dozen dealership events each year, including ladies at the helm courses and fishing seminars, with the most notable event being the Duck Island Raft party. Last year, the dealership and marina hosted more than 300 boats with 1,000 attendees and raised over $5,000 for charity; an even larger turnout expected this year.

About Tiara Yachts

Tiara Yachts, headquartered in Holland, Michigan, is one of the oldest privately held boat manufacturers in the United States. The Tiara Yachts model line includes inboard vessels from 39 to 53 feet in the Open and Coupe lines. Outboard powered Tiara Yachts models range from 34 to 48 feet in three distinct Series: Luxury Sport (LS), Luxury Crossover (LX), and Luxury Express (LE). For more information, please visit tiarayachts.com.

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