How long have you been at AOB?
17 years

How long have you been a boater?
30 years

What’s your favorite boat that AOB sells? Why?
Contender 30ST

What’s your favorite fish to catch?
Snapper blues

What is your favorite boating destination? Why?
Sand bars off Great Hammock Road in Old Saybrook, Kids play in the sand , beach the boat and relax.

What is your favorite fishing memory?
Going blue fishing with my cousin as a kid on his 12ft Lund with a 8hp Johnson purchased from Atlantic Outboard in the 90s. We chased a school of Blues and ran out of gas and had to row back to the ramp. Great memories!! Right off Cornfield PT in Saybrook.

Share a favorite boating tip or trick?
Slow and Steady when docking. Always watch a flag for wind direction and the water for current/ tidal direction. Helps every time.

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