Smart Buyer Program

BEST Selection of New Boats, BEST Trade Value & BEST Savings

Best Selection

Not only does Fall bring the best selection of inventory but it’s also the best time to custom order your next boat; it’ll be built over the winter and ready for a Spring delivery.

Best Pricing

We provide our largest discount during the Fall due to many reasons. Additional sales in the off season provide cost savings to us and we pass those on to you. The more boats we can sell during the season allow us to plan our inventory for the next season much better. We are very aggressive in pricing for customers who choose to purchase during this time, even better pricing than Boat Shows!

Pursuit OS355
Pursuit DC326
Best Trade Value

Avoid an additional year of depreciation. YOUR TRADE-IN WILL BE ONE YEAR OLDER NEXT SEASON! We are also more aggressive on trade-in values this time of the year, because we have to restock our pre-owned inventory for the next season.

Service and Storage Savings

Trade now and we absorb the cost of your current boats winterization, service, and storage. Depending on the size of the boat, this can be several thousand dollars worth of savings. Once your new boat arrives, we store it at no cost!

Robalo R302
Robalo R242EX
Priority Launch In Spring

When you order your new boat in the Fall, you get priority launching in the Spring. You let us know when you want your new boat, and we’ll have it in the water, ready for you and your family.

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